Where soul meets tea

Where soul meets tea

In the summer of 2018, Oolong Tea House, the first Nordic fashion tea house located at Hötorget, brought wonderful teas and desserts to Stockholm.

Oolong tea house has a strong product development team. We select high quality teas from all over the world to make more healthy and delicious drinks.

Our mission is to provide a whole new option for a city that loves coffee.

Our teas selection

Pearl Milk Tea

Selected pearls from Taiwan, made of tapioca flour.

We offer oat milk and soya milk, which is the perfect option for vegans.

Cheese Tea

The combination of cheese cream and tasty tea.

The great invention similar to mocha.

This tea is a must-have for new things lovers.

Fresh Fruit Tea

Fresh fruit and oolong tea are a perfect combination.

Healthy and delicious, the best choice for summer.


Selected from Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

Remindes you the feeling of the sea.

Tastes bitter firstly, sweet after, it is the top amongst teas.​