Welcome to Oolong Tea House, the go-to place for bubble tea in Stockholm since 2018. Our mix of Scandinavian style and subtle Asian flavours has made us the fastest growing bubble tea chain in Sweden.

Originally from Taiwan, this sweet, delicious drink with its soft, silky pearls from the tapioka tree, is taking the world by storm. We make ours from hand-picked tea varieties and fresh, organic ingredients. Our assortment include a wide range of hot and cold drinks as well as mouthwatering cakes and sides, with vegan and sugar-free options. Drop by for a light lunch, an afternoon snack or just a “fika” with friends. Come oolong!

The story of
Oolong Tea House

Oolong Tea House was established in 2018, and have since grown into a leading tea drinks chain with three outlets in Stockholm and one in Uppsala. Our ambition is to provide a fun and cosy break from busy urban life with an Asian-infused and slightly different offering than traditional cafe chains.

People and planet

We believe everyone needs to contribute in the fight against climate change; individuals as well as corporations, big and small. Therefore, sustainability runs like a common thread through everything we do - from the sourcing of packaging materials and minimizing food waste to energy consumption and the production of raw ingredients.

In line with this is also a far-reaching commitment to the well-being of people; our guests as well as our staff. This means among other things the non-use of artificial colorants and chemical additives and to maintain the highest possible food safety and hygiene standards. Everything we serve is produced in-house, from the highest quality raw ingredients available.

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